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Lisa Short

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror Writer

Welcome! Take a look through the site to find all my  work, past and present. To see what I'm up to lately, click on my blog, Twitter, or Instagram links in the upper righthand corner.


Lisa Short is a Texas-born, Kansas-bred writer of fantasy, science fiction and horror. She has an honorable discharge from the United States Army, a degree in chemical engineering, and twenty years’ experience as a professional engineer. Lisa currently lives in Maryland with her husband, youngest child, father-in-law, two cats and a puppy. She is a member of SFWA, HWA and Codex.


Complete Collection

"Wolves" (Interstellar Flight Magazine Feb '23) *

"Salaatu" (Metaphorosis Oct '23) *

"The Old Woman and the Sea" (Tahoma Literary Review vol. 25) 

"Homeworld" (Utopia Science Fiction June/July '23) *

"The Half-Life of Radium" (Impossible Worlds vol. 2) 

"Slow Blow Circuit" (Galaxy's Edge vol. 62) 

"Father Figure" (Monstrous Futures

"Inversion Point" (Bullet Points vol. 3) *

"Tinsel" (Solstice vol. 2)

"Resurgam" (In the Bleak Midwinter) *

"Roses and Vipers" (The Dire Dark)

"Plan C" (Post Roe Alternatives)

"In This Last of Meeting Places" (Wyldblood vol. 10)

"A Memento, In Situ" (Twist in Time special issue Thank You for your Service)

"Black Waters" (Save the World)

"The Child of Night" (The Fifth Di... March '22)

"Lost Ladies" (Thirteen Podcast, available on Apple, Google Podcasts and Spotify) *

"Mech-Mage" (Runs Like Clockwork)

"Genesis" (Metaphorosis October '21) *

"Revenant" (Luna Station Quarterly vol. 47) *

"Gloriana" (Strange Orbits)

"The Fire Demon's Daughter" (Through Other Eyes)

"The Annex" (Campfire Macabre vol. 1)

"Billy's Grave" (Close to the Bone July '20) *

"The Season of Withering" (Metaphorosis October '19) *

"Oblivion" (The Sirens Call vol. 45) *

* Available to read for free

"Essential Oil" (Creepy Podcast June '23) 

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