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Concept board for my in-progress fantasy novel

Characters pictured, counterclockwise starting at the upper left and ending on the upper middle frame: Sorcha and Adal, Dunixi, Katell, Naiar, and the eponymous Glass Wren. The location shot is Adal's birthplace in the (loosely defined) country of Ounum. This particular story has two timelines, past and present; Sorcha, Adal and Katell are shown as they would have appeared in the earlier timeline ten years before, and Dunixi and Naiar from the present one. The glass wren, of course appears (without aging) in both.

So, I was inspired to see if I could find something for Sorcha and Adal in the present/ten years later timeline...that wasn't as successful, but these aren't too bad!

The tattoos are supposed to be on Sorcha's face, not her arm, and I would have preferred her to look at least five years older--and it would have been nice to catch a glimpse of Adal's face at all!--but the aesthetics fit the story well.

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